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ALMAD English Academy / Distance training, On-line.

The Virtual Campus of our Academy offers Courses that are organized in three Thematic Portals.

Notice: available courses may vary from one language to another. Please do not accept windows that offer automated translations, on the contrary, place yourself in the good branch of the Academy according to your language of study. In the menu, you can choose Academia ALMAD francophone, hispana, english. Thank you.

  • Language Courses: for Travellers and first levels (French, English, Spanish);

  • Courses in Graphology;

  • Technology Support Courses for beginner communication.

  • Varied courses of Metaphysics and Spirituality;

  • Practical courses in Kabbalah;

  • Courses in Energy Alchemy;

  • Shamanic courses and archaic techniques;

  • Energy Technics courses of today. 

  • Courses of Crafts, Decoration, Design and Creative Awakening;

  • Courses of Food and Natural Cuisine for the return to the origin;

  • Courses for the well-being of our bodies (physical, mental, spiritual);

  • Self-help courses and personal development.

ALMAD Academy is recognized by ....

Affordable rates

Our mission is to facilitate the access and personal growth of people, since we believe that nobody should leave behind their growth potential through different learning.

For this reason, our rates are very competitive and close to everyone.

Our Academy, in certain specific cases and conditions, is sensitive to granting discounts and even scholarships.

Take a holistic approach

Our holistic approach encourages students to apply the knowledge received in everyday life, with an inner sense of joy and achievement of simple goals. This leads to renewed strength to continue in personal growth.

Our policy is to offer training without stress, without pressure. Avoiding this is necessary to keep us healthy in our lives.

Offer learning at your own pace

You can make your classes in the comfort of your home, and according to your own pace and availability, this is a great advantage to consider!

In addition, in many courses, you have the possibility to return and re-view the materials containing the knowledge viewed. (according to criteria of each course modality, this may not always be available in all cases).

ALMAD Academy / Career opportunity

We are always open to receiving new talents in our team of multidisciplinary teachers and professionals

Tell us about your expertise.

Innovative courses are regularly integrated.

You can give your knowledge in different languages if you wish (if you have mastery in the following languages: French, Spanish, English).

Your CV is welcome

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